Kadoorsal/Yachad Cancelled for tomorrow- Nov. 23

Due to Fairfax High School closing for Thanksgiving- LAUSD Permit office cancelled our use of the gym and Permit for this Sunday.  As I have mentioned before, we are under the thumb of LAUSD- as they control the recreation centers— and at any moment can cancel an event without little recourse.

We apologize in advance for the cancellation- as we all lose out on a day of fun with the kids on the court.

Next Sunday—our game will be a Ohr Eliyahu Gym— (241 S. Detroit St, LA) And then following that back to Fairfax High.

If you did not receive an email of the cancellation, please email me (KadoorsalLeague@gmail.com )so that I can add/update your info to my email list.

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