Playoffs/Championships next week, May 21. Tournament Style!

Next week is our last week, which means trophy ceremonies and tournament style for the older divisions (4 teams in oldest div in the 1:30 slot included)
May 21, 2017 Playoffs; Kadoorsal Soccer Tournament Rules:
Rule 1 – Duration of Game and Length of Period
Round 1 & 2, a game shall consist of 12 minutes. There shall be a 2 minute break between games. Games remaining in a tie at the end of the first 2 rounds will remain so.  Round 3 shall consist of (2) 10 minute halves. If a game is tied at the end of Round 3, the teams shall proceed to penalty kicks. 3 shooters per side.
Rule 2 – Offside – There is no offside
Rule 3 – Fouls and Misconduct
Slide tackling is not allowed. A player may never make contact with the ball when on the ground, even if there is no one around the play. Misconduct is to the discretion of the coaching staff and can result in a player sitting out a match.
Rule 4– Free Kicks (hand balls and fouls) – Opposing players shall be at least 7 yards from the ball until the kick is taken.
Rule 5 – Tie Breakers
Tie breaker format
1. Head to head
2. Goal differential
3. Goals against
Scoring System
– 3 points for a win
– 1 point for a tie
– 1 point per goal (up to 5 goals)
– 1 point for a shutout
Max points 8 per game.
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