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All teams/players are subject to change by Kadoorsal Staff throughout the season. Amount of games played depends on the number of signups.


 HERTZLIYA HORNETS (Team 1): Friedman, Kamornick, Ryzman, Firestone, Hager, Kahn, Wilk
 NETANYA NETS (Team 2): Kapenstein, Gohary, Dubin, Parker, Barkhordar, Rafi


* Click on the scheduled game-time in the below calendar dates to show the teams/players that are playing. All TEAMS ADVANCE TO THE PLAYOFF ROUND. Seating will depend on league record. 

The league is designed to develop basketball skills, teach sportsmanship and derech eretz, build self-confidence, and above all have a great time. Additionally, it is meant to promote unity among the YAYOE players and help promote long-lasting friendships.  
Information of the league is as follows:
Dates:  Feb 4 – March 25 (amount of games played depends on signups) 
 LocationKadoorsal games are played in the YAYOE gym
Price includes skilled referees and coaches, take-home reversible uniform, and all equipment. 

  • Games will have complete runnage time, (i.e.- full 16min without stopping the clock) with the exception of the rule below.
  • During the second half ONLY, there will be stoppage of time upon a “dead ball” in the final 60 seconds of the second half ONLY IF there is a 7 point or less difference in the score.
  • Each team is allotted 1 timeout ONLY in the 2nd half (exception: 1 timeout per team for each overtime). Timeouts can be called out by any OFFENSIVE team’s player/coach. No timeouts can be called if a team is in a defensive possession (i.e.- the other team has possession of the ball). There are no timeouts in the first half. During a timeout, both teams are encouraged to discuss the given situation at their separate benches. Coaches will address the offensive team (if only 1 coach is coaching) during this time-out. Timeout is 60 seconds.
  • Half-time will be as follows: total time for half-time is 4 minutes. Coach (and other coach if applicable)  will address the first team for the first 2 minutes and the other team for the other 2 minutes. It is suggested during this time to stay hydrated and relax. There is absolutely no shooting during half-time.
  • Upon 10 team-fouls, the opposing team starts shooting 1-and-1 free-throws (ex: when a team commits the 10th personal foul, the opposing team will start shooting free-throws. 1-and-1 means that if the first free throw is made, a second free-throw attempt will be awarded. If however the first free-throw was missed, the ball is in play. In a free-throw situation, the ball is in play upon the ball hitting the rim. If the free-throw shot does not hit any part of the rim, it is a violation and the other team will take out the ball from out of bounds.


If a team has only 4 players on a given day, then we will play 4 x 4. Anything less than 4 players is a forfeit. There is absolutely no intentional fouls. (exception: for foul-shots in a close game situation, i.e.- within 7 points. Player must be attempting for the ball) Any intentional fouls not attempting for the ball will result in stoppage of time  as well as 1 technical foul shot PLUS possession of the ball. Overtime is 3 minutes with stoppage time in last 60 seconds.

There is absolutely ZERO tolerance for any misbehavior. The referee, Coach Markush, and YAYOE have the right to refuse a player from playing at any time.

League rules are subject to change at any time by KADOORSAL

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